About Enrollment

Q1: Adult 101 is full, but can you take just one more student
A1: We are sorry, but no more than 24 students per course are admitted. 
Q2: It is May now, and the registration for the Adult 101 has not started yet, but can I enroll early to the Adult 101?
A2: We are glad to know you are eager to learn Japanese, but there is no other way to register. Please wait until the registration period starts. Usually, most people register at the end of the registration period, so if you register as soon as the registration period starts, you should be able to enroll. 
Q3: The term already started, but you still have some seats left. Can I still enroll?  
A3: If you have never learned Japanese before, it will be too hard for you to catch up, so we don’t recommend late enrollment.
If you have learned Japanese before and you can catch up, we might accept late enrollment. 
Q4: I didn’t enroll in Fall. Can I start from Winter or Spring?
A4: Adult 101 is offered only in the Fall.  If you have not learned Japanese before, you should wait until the Fall and start from the Adult 101.
If you know Hiragana, Katakana, some Kanji, basic noun conjugations and basic verb conjugations, you might be able to start the Adult 102 in the Winter. (A quick level check for Adult 102 is here.) If you also know adjective conjugations and verb te-forms, you might be able to start from the Adult 103 in the Spring. Please talk to the instructors of Adult Courses for more information.
Q5: My child is 13 years old. Can he/she take the class?
A5: We are sorry, but students who are 13 years old and under are not eligible.  Please wait until your child turn 14.

About Classes

Q1: Is there any placement test?
A1: There is no placement test.  You are allowed to choose a class that you think is the most beneficial for you. If you are not sure what level your Japanese is, please read the answer below. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. (A quick level check for Adult 102 is here.)

Q2: What class should I take?
A2: If you have not learned Japanese before, or you have learned just a little, you should start with the Adult 101.
If you know how to read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji, and basic conjugations (past tense, te-forms, and short forms) of nouns, adjectives and verbs, but not much more than that, probably you should take the Adult 201.
If you know more than that, but you have not completed the elementary Japanese class, probably your level is at the Adult 301.
If you have completed the Genki II textbook or equivalent to that, probably your level is Adult 401.
If you are not sure what level your Japanese is, feel free to ask the instructors of Adult Courses.
Q3: I took the first few classes, but the class is too hard/too easy for me. Can I change to other class?
A3: Yes. You are allowed to move up/down to other level. Please talk to your instructor.
Q4: My school doesn’t offer Japanese class, so can I take your class and transfer the credits?
A4: We teach with the textbooks which most universities use, but JLSP is not an authorized institution to give credits. Unlike regular schools, we don’t evaluate students. However, it is up to your school to give you credits for taking our course, so please ask your academic adviser.
Q5: Do you have Summer courses?
A5: No.

About Tuition

Q1: I paid tuition. Do I have to pay registration fee too?
A1: No, the registration fee ($30) is included in the tuition.
Q2: My job schedule has changed, and I cannot attend the school anymore. Can I get refund?
A2: No. Registration fee ($30) and tuition are non-refundable. However, if JLSP receives a withdrawal notice from the student on or before the second day of class, 50% of tuition is refunded.
Q3: If the school will not open my course due to low-enrollment, can I get refund?
A2: Yes, a full refund is made if JLSP cancels the course.   
Q3: Do you have a payment plan?
A3: No, we do not have any payment plan, but we take credit card payment.
Q4: Can I pay tuition by check?
A4: Yes. Please contact the school office for more information. E-mail: staff@jlsp.org

About Textbooks and Workbooks

Q1: Do I have to buy the textbook and the workbook?
A1: Yes, the book fee is not included in the tuition. The textbook and the workbook are available at most of online bookstores and Kinokuniya Bookstore (http://www.kinokuniya.com/us/).